What is Sudoku

Sudoku is a popular puzzle from Japan, which became popular in the whole world. Despite using numbers, Sudoku is not a mathematical puzzle. Logic skills and a lot of time and patience are needed to solve the puzzle. The rules of the puzzle are simple :

  • Each number (1-9) must appear once in each row of the puzzle
  • Each number (1-9) must appear once in each column of the puzzle
  • Each number (1-9) must appear once in each 3x3 box.

There are many different forms of Sudoku. A few examples of different Sudoku puzzles can be found on our game page.

In our articles 'Solving Methods' we have tried to give you information how to solve Sudoku puzzles. We have tried to keep the explanation as simple as possible. You can find solving methods for different levels from easy to very hard. By using these solving methods you will be able to solve even the hardest puzzles.

Solving Sudoku

Solving Sudoku can give you a lot of satisfaction. To help you increase your skills, you can use one of our solving methods. We try to add new solving methods on a regularly base. Our methods can be used for easy and more difficult puzzles.

Sudoku Helper

Solving a puzzle can be a lot easier with the Sudoku Helper. You can easely erase and add candidates to each cell, highlight them to find patterns, no more paper needed and you can save your progress.
You can try the Sudoku Solver completely for free.


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