How Do I Solve Sudoku Puzzles?

Solving Sudoku Puzzles

Finding the missing numbers is a challenge.

You did not succeed in finding the missing numbers or you don't know how to start or go further, then use one of the methods as shown on the right side of the screen.

The first link at the top of the list is the most simple solving method and can be used when you start solving the puzzle. If no more numbers are found, then move to the next solving method.

When you have found the solution for one or more cells, start again with the first solving method.

Not all solving methods are displayed yet. It is our intention to add a new method on a regularly base. In case you have a method for solving Sudoku which is not listed, please let us know.

Sudoku puzzles can be solved a lot easier when using the Sudoku-Helper. With Sudoku-Helper you can display the candidates as shown in the examples. On this page you can find more information. Try this tool for FREE.